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We’re a family-owned video publishing company specializing in programs to help people with Asperger Syndrome and autism and those who support them. We have years of experience in television production, first-hand knowledge of Asperger Syndrome, and a broad understanding of autism spectrum conditions.

We started Coulter Video after our son, Drew, was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. We’ve focused on creating programs designed to help Drew and others like him succeed in school, work, relationships, and life. Our programs offer practical advice we’ve gained through our family’s experiences and through research and interviews.  


While we’ve seen individuals with plenty of challenges, we’ve also found success story after success story.  We strive to present approaches and techniques our customers can choose from to help them reach their goals.


In addition to creating videos and other products, we also offer articles about a variety of spectrum-related issues in our free online archive. Visitors to the website can add their names to our distribution list to receive new articles via email as they’re written.


Dan brings more than 30 years production experience in commercial, educational and corporate television to Coulter Video, including serving as a writer/producer/director for AT&T. Julie is the company’s primary researcher and content expert. She has an extensive background serving as an advocate for people with special needs, including supporting local chapters of the Autism Society of North Carolina, and forming and leading two parent special needs advocacy groups at the elementary school and high school levels. One of her successes was initiating a team approach where she and Drew's teachers coordinated their efforts to provide consistent guidance. We both work closely with families and support groups to ensure the content of our products meets the most pressing needs of the Asperger Syndrome/autism community.


Our products have been endorsed by autism experts at Harvard Medical School and Yale University and recommended by the School Library Journal. Some of our most gratifying moments are spent reading letters from customers sharing stories of how our videos have helped them. 


We've sold our products throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.


Every year since Drew’s diagnosis, we’ve seen increased awareness of Asperger Syndrome and autism. We’re working hard to accelerate the pace, and help people on the autism spectrum get the support, respect, and opportunities that everyone deserves.

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