A Boy's Puberty Video

RECOMMENDED BY THE SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL.  From Reviews: ...does a stellar job with a topic that's difficult for most parents to discuss with their sons...factual, non-threatening mentor...sensitive and accessible...thorough yet not too graphic...dispells misconceptions and emphasizes respectful values.  Read More

A Boy's Puberty Video

This video describes how male and female bodies change during puberty and how to deal with these changes (and urges) in appropriate ways that avoid social, ethical, and legal pitfalls. It includes information about intercourse, periods, pregnancy, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, and more. The program emphasizes the value of young men waiting to engage in sex until they are mature enough to understand the consequences and make decisions they won't regret. 



Introduction: Compares media images of sex to reality and offers an overview of the DVD's segments.

Puberty Basics: Describes male and female anatomies and how they change during puberty in ways that enable them to produce a child. Explains conception, fertilization and birth – and the moral and practical questions couples need to consider before they decide to have sex.

Your Male Body: Offers strategies and tactics to deal with the physical and mental changes puberty makes to a boy's body, including consulting a mentor.

The Female Body: Details how puberty changes girls bodies, explaining menstruation, premenstrual syndrome, and more.

Dating: Explains how puberty hormones affect brain chemistry to make boys and girls relate to each other differently. Describes respecting girls as people. Offers ways to find a girl to date and ask her out, how to act on a date, and where to find more information about social expectations. Also covers safe ways to meet face-to-face with someone you encounter on the Internet.

Sexuality: Describes establishing touching rules and what is considered sexual touching that can lead to unplanned intercourse. Details things men and women need to know about and consider carefully before having sex. Explains what being gay means. Describes methods of birth control and sexually transmitted disease prevention. Covers masturbation, the dangers of pornography, and how sex fits into adult lives.

Conclusion: Sums up what it means to be a man.


Audience: Boys 10-17 who are nearing or going through puberty.


Length: 48 minutes


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Dr. Nancy E. Holmes, M.D., Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Washington University in St. Louis.


This video does a stellar job with a topic that's difficult for most parents to discuss with their sons.  It covers what boys need to know, including important areas parents might not think to explain... Simple, easy to understand graphics enhance the explanations in ways that should help young men “get it.”

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The DVD version of this program includes optional English subtitles.