Best Central States Feature Documentary

A feature length documentary about rescuing our public schools.

Could the secret to rescuing our failing public schools lie in the past? Springfield Missouri's Central High School in 1968 launched kids from all social classes into successful lives. While it wasn't perfect, Central did positive things that are missing in many schools today. Things that could address U.S. jobs leaving the country, standards of living falling for the poor and middle class, and false news stories on social media pitting Americans against each other. “Can Central High School Save America?” documents how diversity in student bodies and staff helps graduate smarter students. It reveals how providing a quality education to all students, including the poor and minorities, will repay our investment by preserving our democracy and ensuring our prosperity.

With English closed captions. 

Length: 77 minutes.  Watch the trailer and seven bonus features below.


Bonus Feature #1

Bonus Feature #3

Bonus Feature #5

Bonus Feature #2

Bonus Feature #4

Bonus Feature #6

Bonus Feature #7