Children and Adults with Asperger Syndrome


People with Asperger Syndrome and autism can be helped and harmed by their different ways of thinking.  While you may have special abilities, you may also need help learning how others perceive things and how others expect you to act.

  • Finding and focusing on your strengths can help others see past your differences to accept and support you.

  • Being accepted often requires being willing to modify some different behaviors and educating others to see what being on the autism spectrum really means to you -- and that your similarities can outweigh your differences.

  • Finding the right "manage myself and educate others" formula has helped people on the autism spectrum to lead happy, productive lives.  You can find success stories on this site..


Recommended for Children and Adults on the Autism Spectrum


Manners for the Real World: Basic Social Skills - DVD (Ages 8 through adult)


Asperger Syndrome At Work - DVD (Ages 12 - adult)


Asperger Syndrome: Transition To College and Work - DVD (Students who plan to attend college or enter the workforce)


Managing Puberty, Social Challenges, And (Almost) Everything: A Video Guide for Girls - DVD (Girls nearing or going through puberty - ages 9 to 19.)


The Puberty Video for Boys with Asperger Syndrome (and Autism Spectrum Disorder - Level 1) DVD (Boys ages 10 to 17 who are nearing or going through puberty and who have Asperger Syndrome.)


Life in the Asperger Lane: Dan Coulter's Collected Asperger Articles - Book (Ages 12 through adult)


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