Asperger Syndrome: Classroom Success Next Year

By Dan Coulter Do you want next year to be different? If you want the coming school year to be better for your child with Asperger Syndrome, whip out a sheet of paper or fire up your word processor. Now, let’s do a review of what's working this year and what you’d like to see carried over into next year. What does Jimmy like about school? What does Mary do best in? What are the teachers doing that works? What are you and your child doing that works? What do you want to make sure you capture and repeat next year? Okay, now for the dark side. What isn't working as well as you'd like? What do you want or need to change? The first step is to write out what the problems are, then brainst

Asperger Syndrome and Mom's Secret Weapon

By Dan Coulter This is for all the moms of children with Asperger Syndrome, aka "AS." Want to be more effective in helping your child? Want to give him the best possible training to deal with AS and succeed? Then you need to access a secret weapon. You. Your immediate reaction may be, "Yeah, right! I'm already doing everything I can. More than I can! In fact, I'm so stressed that just the thought of doing more threatens to shut me down." But I bet you're overlooking something. Over the years since our son was diagnosed, I've talked with a lot of mothers of kids with AS. And I've watched my wife, who, like most AS moms, has taken on the main burden of researching AS and dealing with sc

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