Becoming Dad the Incomparable (A Father’s Day Reflection)

By Dan Coulter I was awake most of the night last night –- lying in bed thinking about being a dad. And thinking about two truths: It’s tough being a dad. It’s great being a dad. It’s easy to get caught up in the first truth, especially if you have a child with problems or special needs. But the second truth is where all the fun is – and where you find the power to be the father your kids want and need. The first truth is never going to go away. But when you focus on it, spending time with your kids is an obligation. The second truth is more powerful. It’s what you feel after the birth of your child. It’s what you know when you look at that tiny face and see all the positive possibil

Practicing Social Skills

By Dan Coulter Does your child have Asperger Syndrome? When's the last time you got frustrated because you told him not to do something, and two minutes later he's doing it again? I think of this as "Teflon Shelf Syndrome." If you consider the brain as a storehouse with shelves, kids with AS seem to have some shelves that are coated with Teflon - and are tilted so things slide off easily.'s not your son's fault that his finger strays to his nostril. It's not your daughter's fault she doesn't make eye contact when you speak to her. But that doesn't mean you have to accept the status quo. There's a tool you can use to overcome problem behaviors: practice. It makes good basketball pl

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