Teaming Up On Bullies

By Dan Coulter When I was little, playing with some neighborhood kids, I let them roll me up in a rug. Or I rolled myself up, I can’t remember. I do remember the feeling of being totally helpless. Someone sat on me and didn’t let me unroll for an eternity of probably a minute or so. I struggled, realizing that no matter what I did, I couldn’t free myself. I was absolutely at the other kids’ mercy until they let me go. That’s something like the sense of desperation I now realize my college-age son, Drew (who has Asperger Syndrome), felt when he was bullied in high school. He talked about it at the dinner table last night. I didn’t understand until that moment how deeply it affected him.

First Year of College: Lessons Learned

By Julie Coulter My husband and I began a new phase in life last fall as our son left home to attend college. After struggling with ADD and Asperger Syndrome through special education programs in a mainstream environment for 13 years, he had graduated from high school successfully. We are proud of his hard work and the steps he took to get to college. We are very grateful to all the teachers who helped our son prepare for college in high school. We are also very thankful for college programs for students with special needs. Students and parents have many decisions to make as they evaluate college programs. We visited several colleges and our son applied to four schools. He chose to attend a

What's A Dad Worth?

By Dan Coulter I heard a discussion about a dad's worth the other day as I was radio channel surfing in my car. Two talk show hosts were hotly debating some comments made by actress Nicole Kidman. The topic: does a rich single mom have anything to complain about? The female host said that even a famous, wealthy single mom can have it tough raising kids. The macho male host wasn't buying it. "Come on, she's got jillions of dollars! She can buy anything she needs." He might have been more persuasive if he'd pointed out that many divorced dads are devoted to their kids and not all single moms are raising kids alone. But the argument that you could buy what a dad does makes this guy sound

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