Checklists, Notes and Memory

By Dan Coulter I’ve never been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome or Attention Deficit Disorder, as my son has. But, as my wife will attest, I certainly have some of the tendencies of both. Okay, more than some. When we took my son back to college last week, he ran into one of his lab partners from last year’s class. She was a cheerful girl who called out, “Hi Drew!” “Hi Jessica,” he replied. “Robin,” she corrected, not unkindly. “Robin! Right, sorry,” he recovered quickly. I sympathized. I’ve always had trouble remembering names. It’s not intentional. Some of us just seem to have a Teflon coating on the brain shelf where we store names. There are often slick surfaces on other shelves,

The Best Teacher Ever

By Dan Coulter Think about the best teacher you ever had. It’s an uncommon pleasure to remember someone who believed in you before you were sure you were worth believing in. I remember a third grade teacher who made the sun rise and set with her look of approval. Actually, I don’t remember the sun ever setting. I just remember she made me feel I was worth something in a way I don’t think I’ve ever lost. I worked awfully hard to please that teacher. It’s what we all want for our kids: the gold standard of teachers. A classroom leader whom you want to please because you see your self-worth reflected in a mirror you can trust. As I said in a recent article, it’s really important for parent

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