Helping Students with Asperger Syndrome Prepare for the Workplace

By Julie Coulter Many students with special needs may have trouble seeing themselves as employees or understanding an employer's expectations of an employee. Students with special needs can learn how to work effectively and can succeed in the workplace. During high school, special needs students need to learn about the work world and see the many types of employment opportunities open to them. High school counselors and case managers can assist these students by arranging presentations to students by employers, transition agencies, and employees so that students can learn about the various types of jobs in their geographic area. School administrators can assist high school students to find w

Discovering Asperger Syndrome

By Dan Coulter Getting a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome for your child is sort of like getting hit by a slow freight train. Usually, you know something’s wrong. Maybe you got worried. Maybe teachers or others urged you to get your child checked out. Maybe, like my wife and I, you went through several other diagnoses first. But even though you knew something was coming, you still feel the impact when you get the official word. I spoke with the parents of a newly diagnosed child recently. His mother said she had virtually shut down. She felt overwhelmed and almost paralyzed. She and her husband had demanding jobs. She knew how she’d planned her family’s lives, but things were going to be so di

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