Dealing with Kids's Setbacks

By Dan Coulter Some days it just seems all too much. You get a call from the school about an incident with your son. Or your daughter comes home defiant and tearful. And whatever you do seems like the wrong thing. Well, it's probably not. The right thing to do isn't always the perfect thing. Or rather, you don't need to find the perfect solution to do something that helps. If you're like most parents (and by most parents, I mean, me) you don't routinely hit the ball out of the park. There's a fair amount of trial and error involved. And it's even more of a challenge as your child gets older. We usually do too much or too little. But it helps when you start to understand that this is the

Reducing Special Needs Parent Stress

By Dan Coulter A lot of parents who have kids with special needs get a free helping of stress every day. With extra nuts -- and sprinkles. If this is you, how do you start an anti-stress diet? Start small. Take a break. Oh yeah, right. When are you going to find the time? Most of us have heard we’d be more efficient if we’d take a break once in a while. But it’s hard to convince your brain that taking some time to ease your stress will really help you get more done. Mr. Brain often stubbornly sees things in the short term. If you’ve got 1000 orders to process and it takes about a minute to process an order, taking a five-minute break every hour means you process fewer orders in an eig

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