Who's to Know? Disclosing Asperger Syndrome

By Dan Coulter Your son or daughter has Asperger Syndrome. Who do you tell? Who do they tell? This can be a tough decision. There are definitely two sides to disclosure issues. Personally, I’m in favor of being as open as possible with people who are going to have routine contact with your child – and that includes other kids. But it’s an individual and family decision that depends on the situation. My son, who has AS, has gone through different phases. For much of his life, he’s just wanted to fit in. And fitting in did not include telling other kids he had a condition with a weird-sounding name that affected his mental processes. If your child’s behaviors don’t isolate him from other

The Power Of Fun

By Dan Coulter We tend to remember extremes: our best days and worst days. You usually can't control the worst days. Bad stuff happens when it happens. But you can make more days some of your family's best days by recognizing and harnessing the power of fun. It can bring your family closer, help you teach your kids what you want them to learn and get you all through tough times. Just about everyone knows someone who's fun to be around. Maybe it's an aunt or uncle or someone you've worked with. Someone who seems to generate laughter and good times. Picture yourself playing that role for your family. Maybe you're already a walking fun factory. If not, and this just doesn't sound like you,

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