Kids Count on Consistency

By Dan Coulter If you’re a parent or a teacher, can your kids or students count on you? I mean, do you think about being consistent so they know what to expect? Kids who have Autism Spectrum Disorders, in particular, often benefit from guidance that’s structured and consistent. If a child has a habit that you want to modify, or needs to learn a skill, consistently reinforcing a behavior can help make it a part of that child’s repertoire. Try looking at the teaching process from his or her point of view. If we allow poor table manners at home, but try to enforce proper manners in a restaurant, we’re sending mixed messages. It’s much more practical for kids to learn one set of manners that’s a

Taking Care Of You

By Dan Coulter A while back, I wrote an article urging parents of kids with special needs to deal with stress by taking breaks and finding other ways to relax. Given that I’ve been burning the candle at both ends with a blowtorch recently, I thought it would be a good time to revisit the subject. While I usually follow my own advice, I occasionally...sort of...backslide and catch myself doing things that I know are counter productive. Hey, I’m human. In this case, however, I’ve been able to keep up with taking breaks and relaxing with exercise since the beginning of the year, even through a series of stressful events. So, if you read the first anti-stress article and need a booster shot, t

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