Appreciating Teachers

I heard New York’s 2007 teacher-of-the-year, Marguerite Izzo, on a PBS News Hour report the other day describe how she does “five shows daily.” She appears to be a dynamo, who makes every lesson interesting. It’s no surprise that you need to be at least somewhat exciting and engaging in class to compete for kids’ mindshare with videogames, cell phone cameras and text messaging. Some teachers are born performers. Others have to learn to keep their students’ attention. Either way, I think we need to appreciate all it takes to get up in front of a tough audience of modern school kids and try to reach into their complex, fast paced, media-tuned minds. And “performing” is only one aspect good t

The Day Your Child Says Thanks

By Dan Coulter I just sent off a Mother’s Day package to my mom. As part of it, I found photos of myself at various ages (beginning with a baby picture) and scanned them into my computer to print onto her card. Thinking about mom and looking at those pictures drove home to me what an empathetic, caring mom I’ve always had. I started to say “an extraordinary mom,” but how can I make a comparison with other moms? And if other moms care just as much about their kids, that couldn’t make my mom any less wonderful. And she is wonderful. My mom dedicated her life to her kids. As I was growing up, she helped me in ways that I didn’t, maybe couldn’t, appreciate at the time. This makes me think o

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