The Asperger Diagnosis Challenge Part 2

By Dan Coulter I’ve been reading published responses to the American Psychiatric Association’s proposal to remove Asperger Syndrome from their diagnostic and statistical manual (DSM). I’ve appreciated the personal experiences people have shared in explaining where they stand on the issue. This made me think back, again, on my experience. My wife and I struggled through numerous diagnoses for our son, Drew, from the time he was in preschool. Communication Handicapped, ADD, ADHD, and Mildly Autistic are just a few of the diagnoses he received. We wanted so badly to help him and tried so hard. And our efforts did help. But the diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome when he was 14 was a watershed point.

The Asperger Diagnosis Challenge

By Dan Coulter Being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in 1997 was one of the best things that ever happened to my son, Drew. Make no mistake, Asperger Syndrome can be duplicitous. It can give you abilities that make people shake their heads in wonder, and deficits that just make them shake their heads. In elementary school, Drew wowed his teacher and classmates with an encyclopedic knowledge of Greek mythology, but then annoyed them with a compulsion to talk incessantly about Perseus and friends. The Asperger diagnosis was a good thing, because it helped my wife, Julie, and I understand the reason for Drew’s behaviors -- and get him the support he needed to enhance his strengths and work to

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