Inside The Asperger Brain

By Dan Coulter How does your brain work? If you’re like most of us, you haven’t got a clue. Brain scientists have a clue, but that’s about all they have. In the grand scheme of things, we only have the basics figured out. We still have a lot to learn about the more complex aspects of the human brain. I’m interested in how Asperger Syndrome, a high functioning form of autism, makes my brain work differently than someone who doesn’t have Asperger Syndrome. I saw a scan of Temple Grandin’s brain in one of her online lectures. Ms. Grandin, who also has Asperger Syndrome, wrote a book called, “Thinking in Pictures and Other Reports from my Life with Autism.” The brain scan she displayed supported

How Are You Teaching?

By Dan Coulter How are you teaching your children? Are you as effective as you want to be? If you’re frustrated that your children don’t seem to be learning the lessons you’re trying so hard to share, you’re not alone. You can see the evidence in an article by Elizabeth Green in the New York Times Magazine from March 7, 2010 titled, “Can Good Teaching Be Learned?” Many of the ideas the article covers are especially relevant for the parents and teachers of children with Asperger Syndrome and similar conditions. While I recommend you read the article yourself, here are some paraphrased highlights: * Many students don’t follow instructions because they don’t understand what they are supposed t

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