Asperger Syndrome: Meeting the World Halfway

By Dan Coulter I’m convinced that, without knowing it, many of us are routinely interacting with people who have some form of Asperger Syndrome. We may think it’s something else. They may not recognize it themselves. It’s not even a bad thing that we or they don’t know, unless their Asperger-driven behaviors interfere with their lives. Then, knowing can make a huge difference. I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome last year at the age of 59. This gave me the opportunity to look at the compensating mechanisms I’d developed in my career. But it also gave me a fresh perspective on people I encountered over the years. I worked at Bell Laboratories for a while. In some ways, Bell Labs was like A

Asperger Awareness and “Aha!” Moments

By Dan Coulter Autism Awareness Month is an opportunity for people with Asperger Syndrome. What can awareness of Asperger Syndrome do? It helped a mother I recently met understand that her daughter wasn’t just being difficult when she automatically responded to Mom’s suggestions with, “No!” It helped a middle school student I know of move from dreading school to loving it. It helped a father I know settle into steady employment after losing multiple jobs before he was diagnosed. Asperger Syndrome is walking into public awareness. But it’s still on the outskirts. People get a glimpse every now and then. Programs like the Temple Grandin HBO biopic, the motion picture “Adam” and the ABC televis

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