Voice Volume

By Dan Coulter Speaking at a volume that’s appropriate to the situation is a basic social skill that most people pick up intuitively. Most people. Who hasn’t stood near strangers who are having a loud conversation and seem oblivious to the fact that they’re annoying others? I recently sat eating in a hotel breakfast area and was treated to high volume details from a nearby table about a messy medical procedure. Children with Asperger Syndrome who are trying to fit in at school may need voice volume lessons to help ensure they don’t innocently annoy classmates. If your child with AS isn’t creating a template in his head that tells him the appropriate volume to use in a given situation, yo

Dad the Hero

By Dan Coulter Dads, did you ever imagine yourself as a superhero? Sure you did. I have a mental picture of you as a little kid, in your underwear, with a towel tied around your neck for a cape. You’re jumping off the bed and running through the house pretending you’re superman. In your mind, you can fly. You save the day. The circumstances change, but we all hold onto a bit of that hero dream. We dads have another dream that starts when a child is born. What he’ll be like. How she’ll grow. What we’ll do together. But when a child has Asperger Syndrome, that dream can veer off course. It can be frustrating when he or she doesn’t follow the script in our heads. When he continues to do

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