What’s So Funny About Asperger Syndrome?

By Dan Coulter I’ve heard many parents of children with Asperger Syndrome talk about their kids’ sense of humor. This may be because a lot of humor comes from seeing things from a different perspective. Both my son, Drew, and I have Asperger Syndrome, so my wife and daughter have years of experience dealing with our intentional and unintentional comedy.When Drew was little, Sesame Street often taught Spanish words along with English words. On a visit to see Drew’s grandparents, his proper Southern grandmother (who has the grandkids call her “Mimi”) asked in a delicate way if he needed to go to the bathroom, “Drew, do you need to go tee tee before you go to bed?”Drew looked up at her seriousl

Asperger Syndrome: Living the Dream

By Dan Coulter It was the dead of winter in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. In the gathering darkness, Julie and I got off the snow-plowed highway and walked carefully across the icy restaurant parking lot toward our dinner break. A waiter in his 20s greeted us, “How are you tonight?” “We’re great. How are you?” That’s when our waiter, in the midst of the clatter and chatter of the dining room, went off-script. He smiled wryly and said, “Living the dream.” We joked with him briefly and gave him our order. We tacitly accepted that his dream was not to wait tables in a crowded, western-themed restaurant in Kristen Chenoweth’s hometown. He was just a resourceful guy doing the best he could in a tou

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