Love and Criticism

By Dan Coulter Does your child know you believe in him, even when you’re correcting him? Without meaning to, many of us give our children with Asperger Syndrome reason to question their worth in our eyes. Comedian Jeff Dunham, who does not have Asperger Syndrome, honed his ventriloquist act for years to get a spot on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. For comedians, this was the door to big-time success. Finally, he got his break. After doing his act on the Tonight Show, Johnny motioned for Jeff to join him and sidekick Ed McMahon to visit. At the time, McMahon was a spokesperson for the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, which sent out a lot of mailings. Jeff’s curmudgeonly ventril

Asperger Syndrome: Alone By Choice?

By Dan Coulter Does your child with Asperger Syndrome really want to be alone? I have Asperger Syndrome, and I enjoyed being alone when I was little, mostly when I was in my own world reading. But I also craved company and wanted to be with people. While we should respect the wishes of someone who truly wants to be alone, I think a significant number of children with Asperger Syndrome who say they want to be by themselves are creating a protective cocoon. They don’t really always want to be alone, they just prefer it to being teased or ignored. If you see this happening to your child, you may need to help him overcome his fear of rejection. One way, is to make it easier for him to find an

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