Dating With Asperger Syndrome: Decoding Girlworld

By Dan Coulter Recently, a mom contacted me and asked me about ways she could help her son with Asperger Syndrome enter the dating pool. The question took me back to my own introduction to dating in high school. Like most high school boys, I was very interested in impressing girls. Here’s a quote from an entry written in my high school yearbook my junior year from a girl I liked, “…But don’t you change Dan, stay as happy and conceited as you are!” Ouch. She wasn’t my girlfriend, but I did consider her a friend. Maybe she was angry at me the day of the yearbook signings, but there was an underlying truth there. I sometimes tried so hard to impress people that I came off as a know-it-all.

The Asperger Syndrome Dad Test

By Dan Coulter Your son or daughter has Asperger Syndrome. How are you, as a dad, dealing with it? Here’s a test to help you analyze how your approach is working. Your son is obviously bright, but doesn’t follow instructions you repeatedly give him. A. You argue with him. B. You remove privileges like video games. C. You make sure he understands your instructions and why it’s important to follow them. You guide him through the tasks you’ve given him to perform and supervise him until he can do them the right way on his own. You reinforce his successes with praise. Your wife asks you to be patient with your daughter and that you take a more active role in school meetings to get her the sup

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