Tell Me About The Money

By Dan Coulter What can we do today to keep our children with Asperger Syndrome from being cheated out of their money in the future? It’s a harsh reality that individuals with Asperger Syndrome are at higher risk than the general population of being manipulated into trusting people they shouldn’t. Know of anyone with Asperger Syndrome who has been talked into making disastrous investments or co-signing loans for someone who skipped and left them with significant debt? I do. I had first-hand experience with this on a small scale when I was in 11. I had moved to a new city just before school let out for the summer, and met some other boys there. In June, four of us started taking the bus downt

The Asperger Graduation Speech

By Dan Coulter Where’s the graduation speech for people with Asperger Syndrome? Throughout June, I read parts of a number of graduation speeches. While much of the advice was good, and some was even funny, it struck me that it would be great to have a graduation speech specifically tuned to people with Asperger Syndrome. So I wrote one. This is for anyone with Asperger Syndrome who graduated this year. From college, middle school, one job to another, World of Warcraft…anything. As I look out at this sea of faces, few of which are making eye contact, I wonder how many of you would be more comfortable if you could stand up and walk around? As a person with Asperger Syndrome myself, I found

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