The Other Victims of Bullying: Enlisting the Parents of Bullies

By Dan Coulter Parents respond in all sorts of ways when a school reports their children are bullying others. But if schools really want to get these parents’ attention, they might want to share information about how much damage bullying does…to bullies. I found this on the website of the National Association of School Psychologists, following a description of how being bullied harms children into adulthood: “The future for bullies is also quite grim. Along with a higher likelihood of underachievement in academic settings, bullies are more likely to become abusive spouses or parents and to engage in criminal activities as adults.” The U.S. Government website reports that kid

Preventing Bullying: From the Worst to the Best

By Dan Coulter What’s the worst you’ve ever felt? No, scratch that. No one should have to remember something that painful. But that’s not an option for nearly half the students with Asperger Syndrome or high functioning autism. People on the autism spectrum tend to replay traumatic events over and over in their heads, sometimes for years afterwards. And one of the things they remember most vividly is being degraded and demeaned by other students. Being "bullied" doesn’t begin to describe it. It’s often a feeling of total helplessness ...and hopelessness. Many students don’t report it. Because they don’t know how, or don’t think they’ll be believed, or feel ashamed. Or

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