Rescuing Your Child's Self-Esteem

By Dan Coulter It's hard to overstate the value of self-esteem. It supercharges our brains to give us ideas and energy. It makes us feel and look better. But the dark side to this equation is that a lack of self-esteem has the opposite effect. What can you do when your child with Asperger Syndrome gets down on himself because of constant assaults on his or her self-esteem? Here are some suggestions. Encourage your child to talk about what's happening in his life that makes him feel down. Don't feel obligated to make suggestions in that first conversation. You need to make sure you understand the situation or you risk offering solutions that he feels he can't make work. Tell him you care abou

Asperger Syndrome and THE TALK

​ By Dan Coulter If talking to children about sex is hard for most parents, it can be a real nail-biter for parents of kids who have Asperger Syndrome. But if you've been dreading having "The Talk," some of the reasons going through your head may not be based in fact. Here's a parent's True or False quiz about the subject with some answers that may surprise you. Put a "T" or "F" next to each question, then see how you've done. The source for the answers is the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign of North Carolina. 1. ___ The media is the single most influential source of information for teens about sex, more than parents or friends. 2. ___ Teens today tend to have sex at earlier age

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