The Power of Shutting Up

By Dan Coulter Your brain is an amazing organ. It can be your best friend. But it can also be dead wrong about some things. For example, if you have Asperger Syndrome, your brain may absorb facts that interest you like a berserk vacuum cleaner. But it may also tell you that you have to share those facts with anyone you encounter. It seems obvious to your brain. You have interesting information. If you share it, others will admire you for your knowledge. The more you share, the more impressed they should be. Some brains are locked into this thinking and can make you feel compelled do an information dump whenever you encounter people. But if your brain is telling you that, it's like a person w

The Importance of Learning Poker

By Drew Coulter Recently I have been playing a computerized card simulation called “Poker Night at the Inventory.” It is a video game where you compete against animated characters using virtual currency. (I feel compelled to mention that beyond the fifteen dollars you pay to purchase the game, you need never put up any real money, very similar to the way one plays ‘Monopoly’). The game uses Texas Hold’em rules, a variant made slightly more popular by the poker craze of ’05. There is an initial ante, then the cards are dealt and there are three rounds of betting. As I have played this simulation, I cannot help but to compare the wagering of money to the human interactions I have struggled to

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