Good Eggs and Bad Apples and Asperger Syndrome

By Dan Coulter I heard these expressions growing up: “He's a good egg.” “One bad apple can spoil the barrel.” I thought of them both the other day as I rode my bike next to the curb down a wide, empty street. A car zoomed up from behind and, just as it passed close to me, a passenger shouted “HEY!” out the window, apparently trying to rattle me into running off the road and crashing. Luckily, I kept my balance as I watched the car disappear down the road. I only thought later that I should have tried to see and remember the car's license plate. I was more disgusted than angry. But the more I thought about this incident, the more I realized how rare this was. How many thousands of drivers hav

Asperger Syndrome and Fantasy

By Drew Coulter Why do so many of my people cling to the fantasy and science fiction genres? I myself spent middle school learning more about the Star Wars expanded universe than my English lessons, then I hit high school just in time for the anime invasion of the late nineties, so I followed Sailor Moon while adopting an additional interest in Dungeons and Dragons (which is not nearly so dangerous as fundamentalists would have you believe, but then again what is?). Having been a member of several fandoms in my time, I have developed several theories on the matter. The first and most simple theory is that these stories are filled with characters that will never verbally abuse us, manipulate

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