Holidays, Beliefs, and Behaviors

By Drew Coulter Well the radio stations are playing Christmas music, so that means Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I cannot help but remember an incident in first grade. One boy on the playground stated that last year he had seen his parents setting out the presents, not Santa Claus. I immediately denounced him as a heretic and started spreading rumors about him. I would like to blame this behavior on Asperger’s, but the harsh fact of the matter is that I would have believed anything if there was a free toy involved. I have compared my mental processes to interconnected gears before. Well, Santa Claus sat at the heart of some very fundamental subconscious drives. The first and most p

Reading is a Success Skill

By Dan Coulter I've long been an advocate of helping children with Asperger Syndrome and autism master social skills. Today, we'll look at another important skill: reading. Helping your child learn to love reading is a reliable way of encouraging his or her future success. While learning social skills will always be important for quirky kids who don't pick up common human interactions intuitively, reading helps those kids become more capable and interesting. And others tend to be more willing to overlook quirkiness in people who are capable and interesting. What kinds of books should you encourage your child to read? Whatever he or she likes. Author Neil Gaiman recently gave a lecture to The

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