Motivating Children and the Path of Least Resistance

By Dan Coulter Trying to get your child with Asperger Syndrome to do his homework or chores before he plays his video games? Good luck. Scratch that. If luck was involved, your child's special interest would be his homework. What you need is a way to motivate your child. You say your attempts at motivating have fallen short? Okay, you may need to move on to manipulation. Yes, it's a word with negative connotations, but this is war. A war of wills, in which your child doesn't understand the long term consequences of his actions. In a more serious vein, we're talking about developing a strategy to help your child acquire important life skills. The video game/homework struggle is just one examp

Asperger Syndrome and Showing Your Work

By Drew Coulter I had a lot of trouble writing this article, because I kept questioning just how much about the Asperger mental processes I should explain to you. One of the most fundamental frustrations that I have is explaining something in what I thought would be clear terms to someone, or at least in terms sufficient that they can guess the meaning, only to have them ask what I am talking about. In my more selfish moments, I feel that I have gone out of my way to explain things, but the other party is putting no effort into comprehension. I have heard that asper kids in math class have a lot of trouble showing work. This is because we have trouble telling the difference between what work

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