Mothers and Belief

By Dan Coulter A while back, I went through a box of papers I got from my mom when she moved into a retirement home. It was a Dan shrine. I found every issue of the high school newspaper I edited. And mementos of every accomplishment or award she could get her hands on and save. Right down to a red ribbon I got for coming in second place in a sack race at church camp when I was in grade school. I called Mom and got her standard greeting, “How are you, honey? Is everyone feeling okay?” I think every mom worries about her kids. But if my mom ever had a doubt about my worth or my ability to succeed in the world, I never saw it. There were plenty of times I doubted myself while I was growing up,

Understanding Siblings with Asperger Syndrome

By Dan Coulter A few years ago, my wife, Julie, and I made a video designed to help brothers and sisters understand siblings who have Asperger Syndrome. We interviewed children and adults from sixteen families. While we heard a lot about sibling difficulties and challenges, we also heard a lot about solutions and support. Because I've been reading a lot about Asperger-related problems between siblings recently, I thought I'd share some quotes from the neurotypical brothers and sisters in the video. They were not shy in talking about the challenges of dealing with embarrassing and annoying behaviors. But they also talked about gaining understanding -- and ways they’ve found to get past the

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