The Non-Optional Social Convention Solution

By Dan Coulter In the Big Bang Theory TV show universe, physicist Sheldon Cooper has never been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. But he has many quirky behaviors common to people who have. One of those behaviors is being stubborn and voicing frustration when the world doesn't conform to his personal logic. In an early episode, Sheldon's neighbor Penny is preparing to throw a birthday party for Sheldon's roommate, Leonard. Their friend Howard listens as Sheldon resists Penny's urging that he should buy Leonard a birthday present. Sheldon argues, “The entire institution of gift giving makes no sense. Let's say that I go out, and I spend $50 on you. It's a laborious activity, because I have to

Turning Failure into Success in the Fourth Dimension

By Dan Coulter Ever gotten frustrated when you’ve failed? I have. It’s especially hard when you feel that you’re somehow failing as a parent – or that your child is failing at something and you can’t fix the problem. If you’re trying hard and you’ve made repeated attempts, it can be especially disheartening. But even this kind of failure can be a step toward success. To illustrate, let’s look at the movie, “Back to the Future.” Marty McFly, the time-traveling lead character, is a young musician who won’t send his audition tape to a record company because he’s afraid of failure. During the film, Marty is continually admonished by time machine inventor Doc Brown, “You’re not thinking fourth

Briefing Teachers About Your Child

By Dan Coutler It can take any teacher a while to figure out the strengths and challenges of children at the beginning of a school year. A child with Asperger Syndrome, or a similar autism spectrum disorder, may not benefit from waiting to be figured out. If you’re a parent, you’d like to get teachers as much information as possible about your child. If you’re a teacher, you want to get helpful information in amounts you can absorb as you’re being deluged with “beginning of school” input. Both parents and teachers can be well served by a technique that’s used by executives and politicians: the briefing document. As a former corporate media relations manager, I prepared a lot of these. As

First Day of School Success Tips

By Dan Coulter Most of us can remember some wonderful and terrible things about school. In many ways, the first day of class can set the tone for a whole school year. If you have a child with special needs, you can help lay the groundwork for a successful year’s launch with some basic preparations. Start by anticipating things from your child’s point of view. What is he going to encounter and how is he likely to react? Get in touch with school personnel and do some research. • What will be your child’s schedule? • Who will his teachers be? • What subjects will she take? • What activities will he be involved in? • How long will she spend at each activity? • How will he need to physicall

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