Listening to Yourself

By Dan Coulter Who do you listen to? We generally listen to people we respect. Which makes it kind of ironic that we don't always listen to ourselves. A while back, my wife pointed out an article about listening written last by elementary school teacher Andy Dousis, who noticed his fourth grade students excluding a classmate from their activities. This classmate had trouble making conversation, so he sometimes pushed or grabbed others. He had other challenges, too, and often sobbed in frustration. While the other students were initially patient with this child, they became less and less tolerant as the year progressed. In looking at his own behavior, this teacher realized that the good examp

Autism, Asperger Syndrome and Siblings

By Dan Coulter The massive success of movies such as "Frozen" and "The Hunger Games" is part of a positive trend in young adult fiction that focuses on the importance of sibling relationships. This trend makes me think of the 57 family members my wife and I interviewed a while back for two videos about siblings of children who have Asperger Syndrome and autism. The children and adults we talked with were incredibly open about their lives. About their hopes, fears, and challenges. Most of all, about the ways they’ve found to make things better for their families. We went into these videos looking for “best practices” about siblings that we could share with other families. We found that in spa

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