How To Win An Asperger Argument

By Dan Coulter If you have Asperger Syndrome, do you find yourself arguing a lot? If your arguments usually lead to raised voices and hard feelings, it's possible some negative Asperger tendencies are taking over your interactions. Perhaps you feel you have to convince the other person that you're right. YOU HAVE TO. If, in such moments, you can't see any other option, your intellect is being hijacked by your emotions. Don't like being hijacked? You may be able to use your Asperger intellect to take back control. First, let's analyze what's happening, and apply Asperger logic to substitute winning strategies for the ones that aren't working for you. QUESTION ONE: What does it mean to ar

When Do Smartphones Become Dumbphones?

By Dan Coulter When do smartphones become dumbphones? I saw an example a few days ago as my wife and I ate in a local Greek restaurant. We tucked into a lamb gyro (me) and a Spanakopita (her), and watched three adults at a table near us ignore the three elementary school-aged children who were with them. The adults were all focused on their smartphone screens. The kids entertained themselves and periodically (and unsuccessfully) tried to engage the adults. As usual, I saw this scenario through the lens of how this behavior can affect families dealing with Asperger Syndrome and autism. And it ain't pretty. For the record, I'm speaking as a tech lover/gadget guy. In the 1990s, I developed the

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