An Experiment in Asperger Motivation

by Dan Coulter How do you motivate a child who has Asperger Syndrome? It's one of the questions I hear most from parents. You can try to tie the things you want your child to do to his or her special interests. That's a good tool, but it doesn't always work. Sometimes we need a whole toolbox full of solutions. Especially to find the right tool to help an individual child develop abilities in a specific area, such as basic social skills. Here's a tool some parents have found effective: motivate and teach your child through entertainment. When I was growing up, I didn't know I had Asperger Syndrome. I did know entertainment was one of my best teachers. I loved science fiction and read a lo

Preview of Make Every Word Count Novel

These are the first two chapters of "Make Every Word Count" a Science Fiction/Fantasy social skills novel for upper elementary and middle school-age students. While I'm working on a sequel, I'm interested to know what behaviors you'd like to see covered in future books. Also, are you interested in similar works for younger children and, if so, would you prefer books, shorter audio stories, or computer/mobile phone apps that would include illustrations? Should audio stories include music and sound effects? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks, Dan Coulter (If you'd prefer to listen to these chapters, you'll find a recording on YouTube.) Chapter 1 BE CAREFUL WHAT

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