July 18, 2004

By Dan Coulter

When I was little, playing with some neighborhood kids, I let them roll me up in a rug. Or I rolled myself up, I can’t remember.  I do remember the feeling of being totally helpless.  Someone sat on me and didn’t let me unroll for an eternity of probably...

July 15, 2004

By Julie Coulter

My husband and I began a new phase in life last fall as our son left home to attend college. After struggling with ADD and Asperger Syndrome through special education programs in a mainstream environment for 13 years, he had graduated from high school s...

July 5, 2004

By Dan Coulter

I heard a discussion about a dad's worth the other day as I was radio channel surfing in my car.  Two talk show hosts were hotly debating some comments made by actress Nicole Kidman.  The topic: does a rich single mom have anything to complain about?  The...

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