December 13, 2013

By Drew Coulter

I had a lot of trouble writing this article, because I kept questioning just how much about the Asperger mental processes I should explain to you. One of the most fundamental frustrations that I have is explaining something in what I thought would be cle...

November 22, 2013

By Drew Coulter

Well the radio stations are playing Christmas music, so that means Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

I cannot help but remember an incident in first grade. One boy on the playground stated that last year he had seen his parents setting out the prese...

October 3, 2013

By Drew Coulter 

Anime is a very common interest amongst my people. We watch the shows, buy the mangas, sometimes even collect the toys associated with them (when we can find them). We dress up as our favorite characters for conventions, have long debates on the philoso...

August 9, 2013


By Drew Coulter


 Why do so many of my people cling to the fantasy and science fiction genres? I myself spent middle school learning more about the Star Wars expanded universe than my English lessons, then I hit high school just in time for the anime invasion of the la...

June 3, 2013

By Drew Coulter

Recently I have been playing a computerized card simulation called “Poker Night at the Inventory.” It is a video game where you compete against animated characters using virtual currency. (I feel compelled to mention that beyond the fifteen dollars you p...

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