June 23, 2016

by Dan Coulter

If you have a child on the autism spectrum and a job, the ideal workplace is accommodating and supportive. I've worked in places that were – and some that weren't. That includes a college, a university, a number of radio and television stations, three lar...

June 14, 2014

By Dan Coulter

 I think a lot of dads are getting better.

     I see more and more who are taking a larger role in their children's lives, especially sons and daughters with special needs. Fewer dads who bury themselves in work and tell themselves that their contribution...

February 19, 2014

By Dan Coulter

This is in an auxiliary list of what dads and and other male mentors need to include in “the talk” we have with boys nearing or going through puberty. It doesn't include the birds and bees stuff. This is extra information that can help younger guys hear t...

February 13, 2014

By Dan Coulter

Let's be honest.

The reason many parents dread having “the sex education talk” with their children is that dad and mom are nervous that the kids will ask them about their own intimate interactions. It can feel worse than having an elephant in the room. It...

February 10, 2014

By Dan Coulter

 Is your young son or daughter learning about puberty the hard way?  By the hard way, I mean without a lot of guidance from you?  Lots of kids get their early information about sexuality from unintended sources.  Unintended by parents, that is....

January 15, 2014

By Dan Coulter

"It's a miracle!"

      You may have used this expression when something happened that you wished for but didn't count on.

      All of us hope this will happen to us. Advertisers play off this hope when they offer us miracle cures for eve...

May 23, 2013

By Dan Coulter

I recently wrote an article about the challenges parents face helping their young daughters make appropriate clothing choices in the face of increasing fashion industry pressure to look and dress “sexy.”

     Another side to this issue is the effect this p...

May 12, 2013


by Dan Coulter

     I read a New York Times column recently by Bruce Feiler about the the way the fashion industry is marketing sexually oriented clothes to his 8 year old daughters.  The column was called "This Life" and the subhead was "A Line Between Sweet and Skimp...

May 30, 2012

By Dan Coulter

 You’re right.  You know you’re right.  You know what’s best for your child.  You also know he’s not buying it.  She’s got her own ideas and your logic won’t penetrate her shields.

     If your child has Asperger Syndrome, this can easi...

February 22, 2012

By Dan Coulter

 Many of us would shout “Eureka!” if we found a magic key that would unlock ways to motivate our children with Asperger Syndrome or similar autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).

     The next best thing may be as complicated as learning to use a safe-cracking...

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