April 19, 2017

 By Dan Coulter

     When is a funny smell not funny? 

     The answer is, when it's coming from you. Especially when you're not aware that it's driving other people away.

     One of the characteristics of Asperger Syndrome is that you tend to pe...

April 14, 2015

By Dan Coulter


 For someone with Asperger Syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorder - Level 1, common social interactions can be feel like you're a poor swimmer jumping into the deep end of the pool.  And the risks of using social media can be like adding sharks to the pool...

March 10, 2015


By Dan Coulter

I got a jolting lesson in how appearance matters while sitting in a small-group writing seminar. Jennifer, the speaker, made a point, looked at me and said, “I can tell Dan disagrees with me. He's frowning.”


Whoa. I actually agreed with her.


In my mind,...

September 3, 2014

By Dan Coulter

Live in the moment.  Prepare for the future.

Two good pieces of advice.  Success and happiness require a bit of both.

Balancing the present and future is hard enough for parents, but it can be even harder for our children who have Asperger Syndrome or simil...

June 27, 2014

By Dan Coulter

A new school year will start in a few short months.  What's the most important skill your high school student can work on this summer? Run a list of candidate skills through your head.  It’s a good exercise.

Was self-advocacy on your short lis...

May 29, 2014

By Dan Coulter

How'd you like to hear a pitch for a movie with a main character who has Asperger Syndrome?

     It's got everything: life and death situations, last minutes rescues, powerboat races, drug running, and glamorous parties. It's got a hero with loads of se...

December 13, 2013

By Drew Coulter

I had a lot of trouble writing this article, because I kept questioning just how much about the Asperger mental processes I should explain to you. One of the most fundamental frustrations that I have is explaining something in what I thought would be cle...

November 1, 2013

By Dan Coulter

I've long been an advocate of helping children with Asperger Syndrome and autism master social skills. Today, we'll look at another important skill: reading.

Helping your child learn to love reading is a reliable way of encouraging his or her future succes...

August 12, 2013

By Dan Coulter

I heard these expressions growing up:

     “He's a good egg.”

     “One bad apple can spoil the barrel.”

     I thought of them both the other day as I rode my bike next to the curb down a wide, empty street. A car zoomed up from behind a...

June 18, 2013

By Dan Coulter

Your brain is an amazing organ. It can be your best friend. But it can also be dead wrong about some things.

For example, if you have Asperger Syndrome, your brain may absorb facts that interest you like a berserk vacuum cleaner. But it may also tell you...

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