May 29, 2014

By Dan Coulter

How'd you like to hear a pitch for a movie with a main character who has Asperger Syndrome?

     It's got everything: life and death situations, last minutes rescues, powerboat races, drug running, and glamorous parties. It's got a hero with loads of se...

March 29, 2014

By Dan Coulter

he numbers keep rising.

     I'm looking at an Associated Press news story reporting that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now estimate that 1 in 68 children in the United States is on the autism spectrum. The CDC started using its cu...

February 27, 2013

By Dan Coulter

I spent the last year in Girlworld.  And I learned a lot.

In the course of making a DVD to help girls deal with the physical, emotional and social changes brought on by puberty, my wife and I found out a lot about girls who have Asperger Syndrome.

We're kno...

January 29, 2013

By Dan Coulter

    Who do you believe? It’s an important question for you and your children on the autism spectrum. It’s hard enough to counsel kids about who to trust on a personal level. But how about all the information they have access to through the media and the I...

July 22, 2012

By Dan Coulter

What can we do today to keep our children with Asperger Syndrome from being cheated out of their money in the future?

     It’s a harsh reality that individuals with Asperger Syndrome are at higher risk than the general population of being manipulated into...

July 4, 2012

By Dan Coulter

Where’s the graduation speech for people with Asperger Syndrome? 

Throughout June, I read parts of a number of graduation speeches.  While much of the advice was good, and some was even funny, it struck me that it would be great to have a graduation speech...

May 31, 2011

By Dan Coulter

We have an opportunity here.

     An opportunity to help boys with Asperger Syndrome and similar forms of autism to "man up."  I’m not talking about being macho. I’m talking about learning about things such as sexuality, protecting oneself from sexual pred...

September 7, 2010

By Dan Coulter

It was the dead of winter in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  In the gathering darkness, Julie and I got off the snow-plowed highway and walked carefully across the icy restaurant parking lot toward our dinner break.

A waiter in his 20s greeted us, “How are you to...

October 29, 2009

By Dan Coulter

So, what do you do?

It’s one of the first questions one adult asks another when they meet.  What do you do for a living?  What’s your job?

If you’re an adult with Asperger Syndrome, you may not be able to give the answer you want.  While people with As...

September 14, 2009

By Dan Coulter

Drew, our 25 year old son with Asperger Syndrome, is moving out.  It’s such a major event in our lives; it triggers a cascade of thoughts and memories.

Kids grow up, become adults and move out.  But not always, and not always in that order. Sometimes...

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