October 24, 2014

By Dan Coulter


Who do you listen to?


We generally listen to people we respect. Which makes it kind of ironic that we don't always listen to ourselves.


A while back, my wife pointed out an article about listening written last by elementary school teacher Andy Dousis, wh...

September 14, 2014

By Dan Coulter

A while back, I wrote an article about having your first experience teaching a student with Asperger Syndrome.  With so many teachers encountering students who have Asperger Syndrome (or autism spectrum disorder - level 1), I decided it’s time for another...

August 20, 2014

By Dan Coulter

Ever gotten frustrated when you’ve failed?  I have.  It’s especially hard when you feel that you’re somehow failing as a parent – or that your child is failing at something and you can’t fix the problem.

If you’re trying hard and you’ve made repeated...

August 12, 2014

By Dan Coutler

 It can take any teacher a while to figure out the strengths and challenges of children at the beginning of a school year.   A child with Asperger Syndrome, or a similar autism spectrum disorder, may not benefit from waiting to be figured out.

   If y...

July 2, 2014

By Dan Coulter

If you’re a parent or teacher or coach or youth leader, have you ever been tempted to write a child off? To expect little or nothing and put your efforts elsewhere? For an hour or a day or even permanently? Have you ever felt justified because a child...

March 5, 2013

By Dan Coulter

 If talking to children about sex is hard for most parents, it can be a real nail-biter for parents of kids who have Asperger Syndrome.  But if you've been dreading having "The Talk," some of the reasons going through your head may not be based in fact....

January 29, 2013

By Dan Coulter

    Who do you believe? It’s an important question for you and your children on the autism spectrum. It’s hard enough to counsel kids about who to trust on a personal level. But how about all the information they have access to through the media and the I...

May 16, 2012


By Dan Coulter

Julie, my wife, just reminded me that it’s teacher appreciation week. 

     That makes me think of the teachers who Julie calls “angels.”  They’re especially impressive because they’re earthbound and doing a really tough job.   These are the teachers w...

December 2, 2011

By Dan Coulter

 Does your child with Asperger Syndrome really want to be alone?

     I have Asperger Syndrome, and I enjoyed being alone when I was little, mostly when I was in my own world reading.  But I also craved company and wanted to be with people....

October 10, 2011

By Dan Coulter

There’s a great Gary Larson Far Side cartoon about optimists and pessimists that shows four people, each separately looking at a glass with some water in it.

     The first person says, “The glass is half full!”

     The second person says, “...

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