Managing Puberty, Social Challenges, and (Almost) Everything: A Video Guide for Girls


From Reviews: "...honest and straightforward...explains in candid and factual terms the physical, emotional, and social challenges of puberty...vivid images, memorable scenes, and age-appropriate humor... a straightforward, well-written, easy to understand, comprehensive, enjoyable treatment of an amazing variety of topics all girls need to know...discusses these topics directly and with sensitivity......priceless"  Read reviews

The Puberty Video for Boys with Asperger Syndrome

Audience: GIrls ages 10 - 19 who are nearing or going through puberty.


"THE TALK" just got easier.  This DVD for girls nearing or going through puberty builds their knowledge, confidence and self-esteem. The program covers physical, mental and social changes, including clear explanations of menstruation and conception using drawings of the female and male reproductive systems. While appropriate for any girl, it's especially helpful for young women diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome or autism requiring support, or who are naturally shy. 



Introduction: Compares media images of girls and woman to reality and offers an overview of the DVD's segments.
Puberty: Uses anatomical drawings to demonstrate how male and female bodies change during puberty and why. Explains pregnancy, conception and birth.
My Body: Discusses how girls can work to keep their bodies healthy with a good diet, regular exercise and enough sleep -- and offers detailed information about dealing with menstrual periods.
My Mind: Explains how puberty hormones can affect a girl's thoughts and emotions and suggests ways to maintain a positive attitude.
Being Social: Demonstrates how to act to meet people and establish friendships. Discusses how studying behaviors, using mentors and practicing social skills can help girls develop the ability to think in social terms.

Fashion Sense: Offers advice on following fashion trends to help girls relate to others while being unique individuals.

Dating: Describes how finding someone to date is similar to making friends, with some important twists. Explains appropriate dating behaviors and how a parent or mentor can help girls establish "touching rules" for their dates.


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School Library Journal

Gr 5 Up –  Navigating the world of growing up can be tricky for adolescents and it can be hard to find just the right advice. The narrator in this video plays the role of the caring older sister as she gives helpful hints about puberty and social skills. The information presented is honest and straightforward, designed to help girls—particularly those with developmental challenges...

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Understanding Sexuality: Helps girls understand there is no hurry to begin having sex and explains some of things a woman should carefully consider first. Describes how having sex just one time can start a pregnancy and explains birth control and how women can protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases. Explains what being gay means. Prepares girls to deal with the sexually-oriented language and images they are likely to be exposed to in today's world. 
Staying Safe: Describes techniques girls can use to minimize risks and dangers when they are away from home or using social media.
My Future: Explains how to learn the life skills girls need to live independently and how to prepare for a career they'll enjoy.


Length: 80 minutes

The DVD version of this video offers optional English subtitles.