Julie Coulter Biography


Julie Coulter owns and operates a video production business in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with her husband, Dan. Coulter Video produces education and business videos and sells them through Amazon.com and other retailers.


Julie graduated from Judson College with a degree in interior design and worked for AT&T’s Bell System for 10 years as an office space planner. Her job focused on designing workplaces that met the task needs of employees.


When Julie and Dan’s son, Drew, was born, Julie left the corporate world to devote full-time to being a mother and homemaker. After Drew’s initial diagnosis in preschool as a child with special needs, Julie began an intensive study of methods she and other parents could use to help their children reach their full potential. She attended conferences, read books, met with professionals and shared information with other parents. Hearing communication disorders specialist and licensed speech-language pathologist Diane Twachtman Cullen speak led Julie to seek additional evaluations for Drew. This resulted in Drew’s diagnosis with Asperger Syndrome in 1997. Julie has been particularly influenced by the presentations and books by Dr. Temple Grandin, Dr. Jed Baker, Brenda Smith Myles, Ph.D., Carol Gray, Dr. Peter Gerhardt, Dr. Teresa Bolick, Dr. Stephen Shore, Jerry Newport, Liane Holliday Willey, Dr. Tony Attwood, Dr. Eric Schopler, Dr. Gary Mesibov, Dr. Sandra Harris, and Dr. Beth Glasberg.


Julie served on the Union Township School Board in Hunterdon County, New Jersey and led two support groups for parents of special needs students.   She worked closely with Drew’s teachers and case managers to form a team that coordinated academic and social guidance for Drew. In this effort, Julie learned how sharing information and evaluation of a student’s current needs can lead to creating a positive learning environment for the student and classmates. Julie is thankful for all the support Drew received from educators over his school career.



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In 2000, Julie helped Dan establish Coulter Video with the goal of providing information about Asperger Syndrome to families and educators. Currently, Julie serves as content researcher and co-producer during production of new programs at Coulter Video and also manages the company’s fulfillment, bookkeeping and customer service.  Julie also worked part time with the Autism Society of North Carolina  and served as an elder at Parkway Presbyterian Church.

For years Julie was a frequent speaker at Asperger Syndrome and autism-related conferences and seminars.


Julie’s goals are to help educators and parents understand the unique qualities of each child, develop a true individual education plan to meet the student’s needs, make the most of the young adult’s strengths and special interests, and help the individual live an independent and productive life.