Make Every Word Count

A Sci Fi/Fantasy Novel with an Asperger twist for middle and upper elementary school readers

With no warning, Mike and his too-perfect sister are transported to a world where people use magic instead of science.


And, oh yeah, an evil wizard is using mind control to take over the planet.  Of course, this could be an opportunity for a brainy, talkative, middle school kid with Asperger Syndrome who loves maps and military strategy games.


But how can he use his smarts and skills when he falls under a spell that lets him say only five words every five minutes? How does a guy who's used to saying everything lead an uprising when he can hardly say anything?


His only chance is to make every word count.





For ages 11 through 14 (and above).



Read the first two chapters of this book here.  Listen to an audio preview of the first two chapters on YouTube.


Make Every Word Count is a fun and effective school resource that can help focus students' attention on their social skills and raise awareness and acceptance of classmates who have autism spectrum disorders. Schools can contact Coulter Video to ask about institutional discounts for this book.  

Download the book's classroom discussion guide for teachers here.