Manners for the Real World: Basic Social Skills - Video

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The Puberty Video for Boys with Asperger Syndrome

Audience: Students in upper elementary school through high school and adults with social challenges.  


This video demonstrates how to act during some of the most common interactions between people. It features clear, straightforward demonstrations of appropriate and inappropriate behavior -- and we added a dash of fun to keep adolescent attention spans engaged.

The program covers personal hygiene, conversations, introductions, table manners, manners in public, behavior for ladies and gentlemen, serving as a host, being a guest, as well as telephones, texting and Internet use.


Subtitles:  The DVD offers optional English or Spanish subtitles.  

Length: 44 minutes


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Grades 4-12 - An engaging narrator, wry humor, and an abundance of both positive and negative examples make this refreshingly quirky live-action film the ideal vehicle for conveying the usually dry subject matter. Its instructional objectives are clearly outlined and amusingly met through nine stand-alone segments, each followed by a captioned review…

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