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Helps young men with Asperger Syndrome navigate puberty. 


Helps all young men navigate puberty. 


Demonstrates how to act in common social situations. 

A Sci-Fi/Fantasy book about communications skills. A talkative boy with Asperger Syndrome must save the world. 


Book available as: 

Paperback and E-book. 

Managing Puberty, Social Challenges, and (Almost) Everything: A Video Guide for Girls

Helps young women with social challenges navigate puberty.

Helps middle and high school classmates understand Asperger Syndrome.


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Helps elementary school classmates understand Asperger Syndrome.


Helps elementary school classmates understand neurological differences.




June 4, 2021 is the last date will sell our videos as DVD and BluRay Discs.  Amazon will continue to sell and rent our titles as downloads.

Helps high school students prepare to attend college and/or enter the workforce.


Helps job seekers with Asperger Syndrome find and keep a job.  


Helps siblings understand and accept brothers and sisters with Asperger Syndrome.


Helps siblings understand and accept brothers and sisters on the autism spectrum.


Ten secrets for fathers to help children with Asperger Syndrome reach their full potential.


Articles about Asperger Syndrome for individuals with AS, parents, counselors, and educators.


Book available as:

Paperback and E-Book

 Techniques to make mainstreaming a child with Asperger Syndrome a positive experience for the child, teachers and classmates.

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This documentary

demonstrates the 

importance of providing

every American child

with a quality education.


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