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School Library Journal (Excerpts)

Gr 5 Up–Although this video is labeled for boys with Asperger syndrome, much of the material is appropriate for all boys. The chapters cover puberty basics—the male and female body, dating, and sexuality.  The host, Drew, a young man with Asperger syndrome, and the female host, Sarah, explain through still drawings of unclothed male and female bodies the maturation from child to adult...In the section covering dating, advocacy of social skills is illustrated with photos of boys and girls having fun together... The challenges of puberty are presented seriously by hosts that exhibit confidence and congeniality... most valuable for middle school boys with Asperger syndrome or on the low-level autism spectrum.


Fred R. Volkmar, M.D., Yale University, Irving B. Harris Professor of Child Psychiatry, Pediatrics and Psychology - Review in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

The Puberty Video for Boys with Asperger Syndrome (and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Level 1) DVD, 48 Minutes and Managing Puberty, Social Challenges, and (Almost) Everything: A Video Guide for Girls: DVD, 80 Minutes 

Two excellent resources for parents these complementary DVDs provide important basic information on puberty for more cognitively able individuals with social learning challenges. These provide straightforward, low-key, fact based perspectives on puberty for boys and girls. Importantly, the DVDs focus on relationships as well as the physical aspects of adolescent development and address

many of the myths—as well as the facts—about puberty. The videos are co-hosted by a young man and woman. They provide information on bodily changes during puberty and ways to deal with these changes. Information on the ‘basics’ of sexuality is provided with an emphasis on the need for students to think about consequences. Sections on dating and sexuality include helpful video clips and these illustrate important principles about dating as well as social interaction. Topics covered include the basics of both male and female puberty, basic aspects of dating and potential differences in perception of boys and girls. The information on expectations and guidance on how to develop a beginning relationship is well done, as is the thoughtful review of issues of intimacy and sexuality. An important aspect of these videos is the potential for parents to use them in beginning a discussion with their

teen with autism/Asperger’s. The DVDs are sensibly divided into chapters that would allow adults to tailor the discussion with the teen involved. For both boys and girls, the complementary materials help the students understand risks, e.g., of internet relationships, as well as aspects of intimacy in the context of ongoing relationships. These are truly excellent resources that will be valued by parents and

teachers alike!


Dr. Nancy E. Holmes, M.D., Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Washington University in St. Louis.

This video does a stellar job with a topic that's difficult for most parents to discuss with their sons.  Especially because discussing puberty with a son who has Asperger Syndrome -- and has difficulty decoding social cues -- has to be even harder.  The Puberty Video for Boys with Asperger Syndrome covers what boys need to know, including important areas parents might not think to explain.  The young male narrator carries the topics through the social minefields of dating, social media, and personal hygiene like a factual, non-threatening mentor with the confidence of "I've survived and you can too," which makes it real. Having a personable young woman co-narrator pop in with the female side as needed works quite well. Simple, easy to understand graphics enhance the explanations in ways that should help young men “get it.”


Teresa Bolick, Ph.D., Psychologist and Author, The Bolick House

"The Puberty Video for Boys" is a slam dunk, home run, touchdown, and extra point all rolled into one! The Coulters provide factual information in a way that is sensitive and accessible for any adolescent  boy (or girl!). Even more importantly, the video dispels misconceptions and emphasizes respectful values for relationships and sexuality. I can't wait to share it with a long list of families of adolescents.


Davida Hartman, Senior Educational Psychologist in the Developmental & ASD Psychology Department Carlow/Kilkenny, Irish Health Service Executive

1.The Puberty Video for Boys with Asperger Syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorder

2. Managing Puberty, Social Challenges, and (almost) Everything: A Video Guide for Girls

These videos, produced by Coulter Video, are absolutely fantastic and highly recommended for boys and girls on the spectrum with good language skills... The boy’s video is narrated by a young man with Asperger’s Syndrome as well as a neurotypical woman. Line drawings and photos support learning. They give information simply, clearly and geared specifically towards the challenges that people on the spectrum face, e.g. the importance of gaining consent around sexual contact because of the difficulties interpreting social cues. They also include lots of the ‘hidden curriculum’ with regard to these topics including dealing with unexpected erections, staying safe, masturbation and dating. All information is given in a positive, upbeat, respectful and open manner, with an emphasis on taking responsibility for your own decisions and positive and respectful communication within relationships. It is possible to choose specific topics if you do not wish to show the whole video a particular child.


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