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Teresa Bolick, Ph.D, Psychologist and Author

"Asperger Syndrome at Work" is superb! I love the straightforward and practical presentations for job-seekers and for employers. The assets of individuals with AS are realistically balanced with the accommodations needed for success. References to TEACCH and other state agencies show that supported employment can actually happen.  You have summarized our current understanding of "best practices" in a video format that is readily accessible and interesting to individuals with AS, their families, and their current or potential employers. Kudos!


Library Journal

Coulter Video has been very active in producing DVDs to support families and individuals with autism and Asperger syndrome (AS). The Coulters have a son with Asperger's, and Dan was recently diagnosed. Coulter introduces us to six adults with AS who are working in diverse occupations, including a veterinarian's assistant and a library page. Both the employees with AS and their supervisors comment on workplace skills, living accommodations, interpersonal relations, and the job search interview. Most interesting are the candid discussions about coping mechanisms people with AS use in order to be successful in the workplace. This excellent film would make a valuable reference tool with its well-designed menu that allows viewers to jump to specific sections. Strongly recommended for all public and business libraries; may be used successfully by both employees and employers.


Cathy Pratt, Ph.D. - Director, Indiana Resource Center for Autism

With the increasing incidence of ASD, comes the increasing realization that adult service options will need to be available. Once again, the Coulters have created a timely DVD that provides both practical suggestions and an important personal perspective on the critical topic of work. Do yourself a favor and be sure to access the many resources available through the Coulters.


Gary Mesibov Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, University of North Carolina School of Medicine

One of the most successful groups in making DVD’s related to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), and especially Asperger’s Syndrome, the Coulter Family, has come out with a new DVD and it will be another great asset to the autism community.  This new DVD presents a very thorough and comprehensive look at Supported Employment.  As with their other videos, this one helps us to understand their topics through the eyes and experiences of people with autism who have lived them.  In this case, it is 6 young men and women who have been successful in Supported Employment and the video derives its basic principles from their combined experiences.  The video also has the thoroughness and attention to detail that we have come to expect from this family group by not only interviewing the young men and women with ASD themselves, but analyzing their programs and successes through their Job Coaches, supervisors, and colleagues at work.  What evolves is a wonderful look at Supported Employment and all aspects of it for people with ASD.  After watching this DVD, parents, professionals, consumers, and the general public will come away inspired by what can be accomplished when people work together, and also well-informed about the many complicated inter-connected steps that are required for success in these efforts.  The DVD will be a great addition to any personal or professional library of people interested in adult possibilities for Asperger clients. 


Barbara Bissonnette, Principal, Forward Motion Coaching

An information-packed look at the valuable contribution that individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome make in the workplace. Individuals with AS will appreciate hearing others talk about their strategies for dealing with all kinds of workplace challenges. The section for employers illustrates how simple accommodations can pay off in loyal, skilled workers.


Ed O'Donnell, V.P. Rehabilitation Services, Goodwill Industries of Greater N.Y. and Northern N.J., Inc.

Focusing on six successful examples of persons with Asperger's Syndrome/AS at work, Dan Coulter of Coulter Video demonstrates how using proven techniques can help employees be successful at work. The video is divided into four sections: the first (65 min.) follow four young men and two young women in the daily work lives...The second half of this video is directed to businesses...a good marketing tool for job developers and employment specialists. The video ends with Coulter disclosing that he, like his son Drew in the video, has AS. He has had a long and successful professional career. Recommended.


Customer Testimonial

I am a forty-eight year old woman with Asperger's. I self-diagnosed four years ago, and was formally diagnosed three years ago. I have had a lot of problems in workplaces over the years. My challenge has never been in getting a job--it's been in keeping a job.  I've been on an exciting path of self-discovery in the years since I discovered the existence of Asperger's and realized I was an Aspie. I now have a context for understanding the problems that have occurred in the past. Your DVD, "Asperger Syndrome at Work," is one of the most informative and most helpful resources I've found for realistically and proactively addressing the challenges we can face in the workplace. I have recommended it to every autistic person I know, and to many professionals who work with the autistic population. Thank you, thank you for producing this wonderful DVD!"


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