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Press Barnhill, father of an adult son with AS and contributor to the book: “Right Address … Wrong Planet: Children with Asperger Syndrome Becoming Adults”

This video is a wonderful depiction of many of the key issues that a dad faces as he travels through fatherhood with a child with AS.  The opening with the high hopes at birth is well done and is carried through to the end of the video.  The video has ten areas it discusses about the role of a father and three of them are particularly well done.  First was the section on adapting to the needs of your child and the need to avoid teaching by pointing out faults.  Instead proactively teach the correct behaviors.  Second, was titled “become bulletproof.”  Here it is pointed out that the father cannot allow the behaviors to upset him to the point that he takes it out on the child.  Developing a thick skin and realizing that the child is more important than one’s feelings is a key point.  Third, the section on building up the child is well done.  Children with AS will likely have a difficult time in school and will need plenty of positive reinforcement by their dad to overcome the negativity.  


The pictures and video clips made by the father throughout the school years are very dramatic and helpful. Overall this is a well done video by a father of a son with AS and the son himself is featured in many parts of the video.  This adds credibility to the video and will help fathers to relate to the ideas and suggestions presented.


Jackie Igafo-Te'o,

Are you struggling to find your place in your child's life?  This video is designed to teach viewers 10 secrets to becoming the father that your child with AS needs.  Dan, once again, uses his many years of experience, as the parent of a child with AS, to package his knowledge into an explosive little package. The broad, common sense approach makes it an asset to fathers - and even mothers - of any child on the Autism Spectrum.  Dan and Drew give you an exclusive glimpse inside their family. Watch Drew grow up before your eyes.  Share ups and downs and the family's outstanding ability to overcome and to move forward.  Dan's tips are both useful and easy to follow.  Drew is an amazing young man whose progress is nothing short of amazing.  When we think of our child's future and the possibilities, we always think of Drew.  Watch this video and step inside their world - you'll be glad you did.


Dad in North Carolina

I have only watched it the first of many times.  Bottom line is this, it is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I've found tons of "textbook" stuff. I wanted a concise real world list of strategies from another Dad and that is exactly what I got...Thanks for a wonderful service.


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