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Each segment of this innovative program addresses a different age audience, but they all focus on the same issue: the challenges of having a sibling with Asperger Syndrome and the techniques that young people can use to get along better...This DVD is truly a family affair—three segments are hosted by Jessie Coulter, the adult sibling of a brother with Asperger Syndrome, and the fourth part is hosted by producer Dan Coulter, Jessie's father...The Coulters have created a terrific resource for family members of all ages.


Brenda Smith Myles, PhD, University of Kansas, Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence

Understanding Brothers and Sisters with Asperger Syndrome is brilliant! It helps siblings from 4 through adulthood truly under AS.  In this DVD, Coulter Video presents four programs geared toward siblings of different ages. Siblings describe their brother or sister with AS, providing examples that are excellent, down-to-earth and real world. The video presents the challenges and joys of living with a sibling with AS, showing respect toward neurotypical siblings and those with AS. Every parent support group and sibling group should have this essential video in their libraries. Understanding Brothers and Sisters with Asperger Syndrome is another excellent product by Coulter Video!


Susan Moreno, M.A.A.B.S., founder and president of MAAP Services for the Autism Spectrum

Let me just come right out and say this:  I’m really mad at Dan and Julie Coulter!  How dare they be younger than I and not have this video available when my two daughters were still living with me! Seriously, this video will be a God-send to families, siblings, schools and peers.  It is divided into segments:  The first segment is 7 minutes long and addresses brothers and sisters of ASD’s who are between the ages of 4 and 7.  The next segment (23 minutes) is for brothers and sisters ages 7 to 12.  The third segment is for 12 to adult and is 33 minutes in length.  The final segment is for the parents and is 46 minutes long. The first three segments are narrated by Dan and Julie Coulter’s daughter.  She is a natural presenter… so articulate and pretty and calm.  These segments are composed of brothers and sisters within the specified ages on the segment talking about the challenges and the pluses of having a brother or sister with Asperger Syndrome.  Photos of the NS brother or sister with their AS sibling are interspersed with each interview.  The last segment is interviews with the parents of the people in the previous three sections talking about the pluses and minuses of their lives and those of their children.  This DVD allows us an intimate glimpse into the lives of very special families.  Interesting facts are shared, as well.  Did you know that siblings of people with disabilities are (on the whole) more independent, mature and patient at college age than those without special siblings?   


I think this video will help brothers and sisters of AS kids and adults feel less weird or isolated.  I think it will provide valuable advice to parents as well.  Equally important, I think this video will provide an excellent tool to school peers of the siblings for understanding why they need friends who really care. If I won the lottery, I would give a copy of this video to every AS household and to every primary, secondary and post secondary school in the nation.


Teresa Bolick, Psychologist and Author

The Coulters have created yet another wonderful video to guide our understanding of autism spectrum disorders. Their latest production, Understanding Brothers and Sisters with Asperger Syndrome, follows the model of the original video for siblings of children with autism. Providing different programs for siblings of different ages, these videos describe experiences that resonate with the viewers.  Each program provides a balanced view—highlighting the trials as well as the tribulations of having a sibling with AS. The interviewees describe the annoying aspects of their siblings,  but also “own” their own feelings. Again and again, the young people emphasize the importance of patience. I have shown scenes from the video to mixed audiences of parents, professionals, and paraprofessionals in my workshops. Without exception, the audience reactions are enthusiastic. In fact, though the video was made for siblings, it is a valuable addition to the library of any adult who lives or works with a young person with Asperger Syndrome.


Robert Naseef, Ph.D., Psychologist, author of Special Children, Challenged Parents

Parents worry about the voices they have trouble hearing - the voices of the other child. These videos bring those voices to life with interviews of siblings of various ages.  Listen to these brothers and sisters - refreshingly honest, compassionate, and embracing the full emotional range of reactions to a life that is different and challenging.  Extremely valuable for families and professionals who serve them.  (Covers both Asperger Syndrome and autism DVDs.)


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