REVIEWS - Life in the Asperger Lane


BRENDA SMITH MYLES, Ph.D - Specialist at Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI);Consultant at Ziggurat Group

"Dan Coulter's articles are truly amazing. They have the unique ability to help you understand and reflect. Dan's uses his sense of humor and deep understanding of ASD to help us see the limitless potential of individuals on the spectrum."


TERESA BOLICK, Ph.D. – Psychologist and author of Asperger Syndrome and Adolescence: Helping Preteens & Teens Get Ready for the Real World

"Dan Coulter's articles are filled with 'nuggets of gold' that can be used right away by individuals with Asperger syndrome, family members, and professionals. Whenever I read Dan's articles, I find myself thinking, "Wow! I wish I had thought of that!"


CATHY PRATT, Ph.D – Director of the Indiana Resource Center for Autism at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community located at Indiana University

"For years, the Indiana Resource Center for Autism has been honored to disseminate Dan Coulter’s articles across Indiana. He provides information that is thoughtful and practical."


SUE MORENO, President – MAAP Services for Asperger Syndrome and Autism

"Dan Coulter is a fount of wisdom, positive outlooks, constructive information and advice and personal experience in autism and Asperger syndrome.  From social skills training to what to tell others, this book is a true gem of help and encouragement." 


LORI S. SHERY, President – ASPEN Asperger Syndrome Education Network

"Dan Coulter’s articles are a welcome tonic for the doubts and frustrations experienced by parents of children on the autism spectrum. With his warm and comforting style, he offers insight and common sense advice…"


PATRICIA R. SCHISSEL, LMSW – Executive Director, Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Association (AHA) Inc.

"Dan Coulter’s articles and videos convey his positive and engaging attitude towards family and life. His never-ending stock of topics, filled with insight and humor, make him my go-to guy as I eagerly await his next professionally-done video or article explaining employment or manners for individuals with Asperger Syndrome that will help a weary parent or professional understand our folks better – and chuckle, too. I recommend his work and his web site to our support groups, and happily send his articles out over the AHA eNews (and keep getting asked for more!)."


LINDA HODGDON, M.Ed., CCC-SLP Speech-Language Pathologist - Communication Specialist

"Life in the Asperger Lane is a thoughtful, practical source of positive support.  Dan Coulter’s ability to use his strengths to achieve professional success should be an encouragement to others who are touched by Asperger’s."


SHEILA WAGNER, M.Ed., Educational Specialist & Trainer/Author/Lecturer

“Dan Coulter’s book "Life in the Asperger Lane" is one of the true delights to read. He has managed to capture the serious, funny, puzzling and curious aspects of Asperger’s Syndrome, all from the viewpoint of the personal and familial. Dan’s articles over the years have so enlightened everyone to the personal nature of this disorder, bringing it into focus for all to understand and yes, enjoy. I’m so pleased there is now a collection of them all together. A true treasure that I will keep and refer to for many years.” 


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