REVIEWS - Manners for the Real World: Basic Social Skills


School Library Journal (Excerpt)

Grades 4-12 - An engaging narrator, wry humor, and an abundance of both positive and negative examples make this refreshingly quirky live-action film the ideal vehicle for conveying the usually dry subject matter. Its instructional objectives are clearly outlined and amusingly met through nine stand-alone segments, each followed by a captioned review…


Jed Baker, Ph.D., Director of the Social Skills Training Project

"The Coulters truly understand what individuals with social challenges need to be taught. Their firsthand experience with students lead to real life examples and language that is clear and to the point. I hope they keep making these excellent teaching videos for the myriad of situations that our students encounter!" review by Jackie Igafo-Te'o

This video is phenomenal. I found it easy to follow, interesting and helpful.  I loved the humor that was added in order to to break though the more difficult social topics.  Content is broken down into 9 main sections, each of which includes a helpful verbal and visual review.  Sections are acted out so that there is no room for confusion.


GINA BARNHILL PH.D. NCSP, author of Right AddressWrong Planet: Children with Asperger Syndrome Becoming Adults.
"excellent resource...upper elementary through senior highs...would also be helpful to young adults on the autism spectrum." 


Alison Simonelli published in ASPEN’S “ASPECTS” Newsletter and in “On the Spectrum” from

Manners for the Real World is an informative video about appropriate manners and behaviors in various social settings for upper-elementary, middle, and high-school students. Using a combination of humor and straightforward instruction, it shows teens and adults acting out situations while a narrator offers clear, concise rules pertaining to socially appropriate behaviors.

This is a great teaching tool that can be used by parents and teachers. &  review by Juli B

This video is very straightforward and is designed for students from upper elementary school through high school. I watched it alone first, then I watched it with my 5th grader, Andy. Initially he balked at having to sit through a manners video, but it did end up keeping his attention. He even admitted to enjoying many of the scenarios... I would definitely recommend this informative video for anyone wishing to break the inappropriate cycles that our aspies are so inclined to get caught up in. 


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