The Other Victims of Bullying: Enlisting the Parents of Bullies

By Dan Coulter

Parents respond in all sorts of ways when a school reports their children are bullying others. But if schools really want to get these parents’ attention, they might want to share information about how much damage bullying does…to bullies.

I found this on the website of the National Association of School Psychologists, following a description of how being bullied harms children into adulthood:

“The future for bullies is also quite grim. Along with a higher likelihood of underachievement in academic settings, bullies are more likely to become abusive spouses or parents and to engage in criminal activities as adults.”

The U.S. Government website reports that kids who bully are more likely to: • Abuse alcohol and other drugs in adolescence and as adults • Get into fights, vandalize property, and drop out of school • Engage in early sexual activity • Have criminal convictions and traffic citations as adults • Be abusive toward their romantic partners, spouses, or children as adults

The Harvard Medical School Health Publications website notes that bullies are 2.6 times more likely than the average student to carry a concealed weapon to school. In an article titled, “Taking on School Bullies,” the site also reports:

“One of the few long-term studies found that, by age 24, 60% of former school bullies had already been convicted at least once on a criminal charge.”

We’re hearing more and more about the devastating short and long-term effects of bullying on victims. Dealing with this crisis in schools requires a broad approach protecting students and educating students, school staff -- and parents. We need to seek out every effective tool for our anti-bullying toolbox.

It just makes sense to show mom and dad that cooperating with school personnel to stop their children from bullying others can help them save their own sons and daughters.

If we can improve the future for both the bullied and the bullies, so much the better.

Here are links to the websites cited above:

ABOUT THE AUTHOR -- Dan Coulter is the author of the video, "Intricate Minds: Understanding Classmates with Asperger Syndrome" and the book, "Life in the Asperger Lane." You can find more articles on his website:

Copyright 2012 Dan Coulter All Rights Reserved Used By Permission

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